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Bikemandu is a small family enterprise, established as our hobby as being a bike enthusiast. We like classic motorbikes to travel around Himalayan Kingdom to explore beautiful Nepal, multi cultures and traditions of Nepalese people. We welcome all bikers of any sex and ethnic group whether beginner, intermediate or advanced from any part of the world to spend your precious time in this small paradise known to be the country of Mt. Everest, the highest peak of the world and the birth place of 'Lord Buddha'.
We are from a good family background . We love humanity, our country, tourism &  helping disadvantaged children whether orphans or from desserted families due to mechanical and natural disaster at remote locations for their education. 
Nepal is a country with many deserted families and also orphans in needs of basic to live, therefore, we have been donating some percentage of our profits regularly to provide a little help for their basic requirement to survive. We also have helped the Gurkha Welfare Trust, a charity company, (more than a decade) who provides welfare to Gurkha Vaterans & their family. 

Our Goal: 
Our primary goal is to bring our quality motorbike rental service and memorable motorcycle tours to everyone, whether individual or group at competitive prices with full customer satisfaction. 

Our relation is growing satisfactorily with our valued customers, who are our beloved friends supporting us to stay survived in the current small motorcycling touring market in Nepal. We organise occasional motorcycle tour from Kathmandu to many parts of Nepal and abroad with our customers and club members who are fond of travelling, exploring, motorbike enthusiasts and charitable by hearts. We support all road safety campaigns and provide road safety tips to new riders and all riders from abroad to create the safer road. We hope we can build a positive image to motorcycling in the community. 
We also believe our service gives our customers and club members an exciting and memorable moments of riding along scenic roads with magnificent view of mountains, Himalayas, rivers and experiencing beautiful villages of multi cultural Nepalese people. We hope every rider's experiences might get shared of this beautiful country to others that shall lead to contributionion to the inbound tourism of the country. 

Our main effort is to make an unlimited satisfied customers and club members continuously to achieve our goals in continuous support of desserted families at remote places to look after their children in educational needs in some stages. 
We believe, every little helps empower the children in gaining better education for better life and better country!